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Landscapes (also known as Biomes) are different styles of explorable locations.
'''Biomes''' (sometimes referred to as "Landscapes") are different styles of explorable locations.
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Biomes (sometimes referred to as "Landscapes") are different styles of explorable locations.

Greenlands Greenlands consist of lush grasslands and forests.
Snowlands Snowlands are cold, snowy lands.
Deserts Deserts have a hot and dry climate with sandy dunes, pyramids and oases.
Jungles Jungles are hot, high-humidity zones with large trees, temples and ruins.
Lava Lands Lava lands are hostile landscapes covered with magma and full of demons.
Oceans Oceans are full of blue water, islands, underwater caves and sea animals.

The following are landscapes that have yet to be built following the launch of the alpha. Process on how far long these are developed it unknown, or if they will appear in the beta version of the game.

Savannahs Savannahs have a warm and dry climate and consist of sunny grasslands with few trees and wild animals.
Undead Lands Undead lands are contaminated landscapes without vegetation, populated by evil undead creatures.
Swamp Lands Swamp lands are wetlands with many forests and large rivers.
Mushroom Lands Mushroom Lands are full of giant mushrooms and huge insects.
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