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Pets are an available partner for the player. They will assist in your adventure and combat. You can store as many pets as you want, however only one can be active at a time. First of all, the pet must be tamed using the required pet food. There are also several types of pet.


[edit] Taming

In order to tame a pet, you must feed it its favourite food.

will add table for pet food corresponding to associated pet

[edit] Types of Pet

The different category of pets are:

[edit] Riding

You can ride some pets to allow for faster travelling.

[edit] Naming

  • A pet can be named using the chat window:
    • Press Enter to get the cursor,
    • Type: /namepet [name]
    • Press enter
  • A pet can also have a space within its name using:
    • Press Space bar after the first part of the name
    • Hold the Ctrl key and press backspace
    • Type out the next part of the name
    • Press enter


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